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Health Services In Washington

With its single mission, to transform lives’, Washington State provides various health services to its citizens under the department of social and health services. Some of the health services in Washington are as shown below:

Mental health and addiction services – the Washington state DSHS provide funding and care for people with substance use and mental problems. Its primary objective is to provide self-centered and holistic medical care towards an individual’s behavioral change.

Health Insurance – most of the leading insurance firms across the state of Washington. That provide health insurances with a broad selection of health plans to choose from. You can opt for either individual health insurance, family or for a small business depending on your preferred needs.

Basic Food – through the US Department of agriculture and supplementary nutrition assistance program. Washington state residents with low incomes get assisted. They are provided with monthly benefits meant for buying food. However, the residents have to meet certain specific requirements.

Youth At Risk – many at times young people especially the youth acquire unacceptable behavior. That may necessitate a parent to seek help to reform his child. Washington state DSHS offers several adolescent services to both the families and the troubled youth.

Planned Parenthood – Seattle Health Center

Planned Parenthood is America’s most trusted health care provider which provides reproductive health care, std testing, HIV testing and counseling among other services. It has several centers spread all across United States, Planned Parenthood – Seattle is located in Seattle City, Washington.

This facility has been in existence for almost a century and has fostered a common sense approach to women health. This has enabled individuals to be able to make informed decisions based on their sexuality and family planning.

Quest Diagnostics – Kirkland

Quest Diagnostics is a medical health facility that offers a broad range of products and services. That is beneficial to individual patients, pharmacists, and health care providers. Both diagnostic and drug testing are some of the services the company provides. This helps doctors to get the right information that will guide them in making informed healthcare decisions.

Their head office is located in the US, but they also have branches in many countries of the world. This includes India, Ireland, UK, and Mexico. Their products and services are consumed by customers in over 130 countries around the world.


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