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Washington Ambulance Services

Ambulance Services In Washington State Area

Ambulance services in Washington are regulated by the Washington State Department of health and require any company in the industry to be licensed. Several ambulance operators offer emergency medical services (EMS) around the Washington area.

The local government is among the providers of ambulance services. For instance, the Seattle fire department provides EMS alongside responding to fire-related emergencies. With over 30 fire stations located in various locations throughout the city, their presence is felt in almost every neighborhood. They are well equipped to provide emergency and medical services possible to the citizens.

Private ambulance services in Washington are also available. They are commercial companies that provide transport elements of Medicare. However, some are contracted by the local government to provide emergency medical care. Most private and public hospitals in Washington also provide ambulance services. They own their ambulance fleets to offer service to the community.

The various ambulance providers’ main aims are to fulfill the basic principle of administering first aid to a victim of an accident or an emergency. Therefore, the ambulances are equipped to be able to provide ambulance services in any of the three available categories.

Basic life support (BLS) ambulance can be used for transferring a victim in an emergency from one medical facility to another. It is the lowest level in the categories. Advanced life support (ALS) ambulance is equipped to cater for a more critical emergency and with professional paramedics. The state of Washington licenses this service.

Critical care transport (CCT) is yet another level of ambulance service provided by ambulance companies in Washington. Often patients require transferal from one medical facility to another so that they can receive the specialty they need. CCT ambulance is used to provide both non-emergency and emergency transport of patients.

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Listing Of Washington Ambulance Providers

  1. Olympic Ambulance

It is a privately owned medical emergency company with its home office located in Sequim Washington. They also have other branches in several other counties within the state of Washington. Apart from offering ambulance transport, they also respond to 911 emergency calls in partnership with county, city, and federal fire agencies.

  1. Tri-Med Ambulance

Tri-Med is an ambulance provider in the Puget Sound area of Washington State. Established in 1995, it has grown to become the region’s preferred ambulance service provider. Their ambulance fleet provides BLS, CCT, and wheelchair van services.


  1. Rural/Metro Corporation

This is a private emergency response company that recognizes the leader in both ambulance and fire protection services all across the country. Rural/Metro Corporation provides 911 ambulance services in Washington besides other services.


  1. American Medical Response ARM

It is an ambulance service provider that provides services to communities across America. In Washington State, several AMR services located in several counties. They also provide ARM air services by use of fixed-wing aircraft.


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