Types Of Ambulance Services Provided By Ambulance Companies In Oregon

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Oregon Ambulance Services

In any community, ambulance services and paramedics are vital as they help save people’s lives. Oregon State is home to several ambulance businesses that provide different types of ambulance services to Oregonians. Specialty Care Transport (SCT) is an ambulance service designed to provide medical care and transportation for a critically ill or injured patient. This service offers emergency transportation to a specified facility usually from a low-level hospital to a more high level and advanced Medicare facility.

Several ambulance companies exist within the State of Oregon to provide a range of ambulance services to its residents. Most of them offer both Basic Life support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) emergency ambulance services. BLS and ALS are different levels of ambulance services that are amusing for providing emergency services to victims. Who are in urgent need of medical attention.

A 9-1-1 emergency is also one of the types of ambulance services in Oregon used to help citizens access ambulance services quickly and all around the clock. Transfer the 9-1-1 ambulance services by ambulance companies in the Oregon area. That is a toll-free telephone line that links you to an operator. Who in turn dispatches the nearest ambulance to your location.

By calling 911, you activate Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system. And within a short period, you can receive an adequate emergency help. Based on the nature of your emergency, a dispatcher can organize for police, fire or medical related emergency services.

Ambulance services in Oregon also involve the inter-facility ambulance transfer services. Ambulance companies in Oregon offer this type of duty. Whenever there is a need to move a patient from one medical facility to another.

When a facility is not able to adequately handle a patient’s condition. It usually refers such a patient to a higher level facility. The ambulances contain with advanced technology medical equipment to offer ALS while a patient is in transit.

Fire and rescue emergency services are also some of the services offered by ambulance companies in Oregon. Whenever there is a fire incident, there is always a chance. That someone might be trapped especially when it involves a residential area.

Therefore, ambulance services are dispatch along fire engines to offer emergency rescue services to injured victims.

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List Of Ambulance Providers In Oregon

Ambulance services in Oregon are provided by most of the ambulance providers located in various places all across the State. Some of these providers are as listed below.

 1. Metro West Ambulance

Metro West is a nationally accredits locally own by ambulance company organize in 1953. It provides its services in western Oregon from Portland to Astoria, Newport, Lincoln City and in other nearby States.

Some of the ambulance services this company provides include Specialty Care Transport (SCT). It indicates for the medical care and transport of patients who are in critical conditions. They also provide ALS, non-emergency ambulance services as well as wheelchair van transportation.

This ambulance company provides the operations in the Pacific Northwest of U.S. which includes the State of Oregon. It was first begun as a first aid service in Forest Grove and later in 1973 transitioned to become a fully emergency and non-emergency facility. It offers ALS, BLS, and medical transportation services in western Oregon and as far as Southwest Washington.


2.Medix Ambulance Service

Medix was built in 1975 and has its operation in the Northern Oregon and some parts of the pacific country. Its ambulance services also extend into parts of Southern Washington communities and its environs.

Medix is known to be one of the very reliable and professional ambulance service providers in the region. Its services include the provision of 9-1-1 ambulance response, ALS, non-emergency services and wheelchair van transport.


3. American Medical Response (AMR)

AMR is an ambulance service company that is the leader in the emergency response and service industry. Its services span all across the country with some of its branches in located in Oregon.

Their commitment to making a difference in people’s lives and caring for those in need. That has made them, and it recognized as leaders in this field. They provide a broad range of ambulance services which includes both ground and air operations.


4. Pacific West Ambulance (PWA)

Pacific West Ambulance is a company formed in 1997 when Metro West and Lincoln County Ambulance companies came together to create it. PWA provides advanced 9-1-1 ambulance services for communities living around Lincoln City, Depoe Bay, Toledo, Waldport and nearby areas. Some of its other services include wheelchair van, comfort car service, and Bariatric services.


5. Reach Air Medical Ambulance

Its office resides in Santa Rosa, California and it provides air ambulance support for patients who are critically ill. They have professionally trained nurses and paramedics who offer ICU-level Medicare to their patients. They have well-equipped helicopters and planes designed to handle any medical emergency arising. Apart from its operation in Oregon, it also has service bases in more than other 30 locations.


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