DNA Testing Services In The Pacific Northwest

DNA Test Services

DNA testing services have come a long way in recent years. It was once associated with little more than paternity testing in medical facilities and forensics. Today, consumers can requests DNA tests for a wide range of services –  for health reasons, matchmaking or love match, or tracing your ancestry.

Scientific advancements allow users to look deeper into their genetic makeup and heritage. There are more DNA markers, and a great understand of the genome, which means diverse and accurate testing. There are many professional DNA test labs ready to help consumers and the ‘Big 3’ ancestry DNA tests you can buy online. Consumers in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California have great choices for helpful, reliable testing.

Why Might Citizens In These Areas Require DNA Testing?

There are many different reasons to go for a DNA test in a top facility in the US. Many people automatically think of paternity tests, but there are more options than that. Some DNA test labs are more comprehensive than others. Possible service options include:

  1. paternity testing
  2. kinship testing
  3. grandpaternity testing
  4. infidelity testing
  5. sibling testing
  6. forensic testing
  7. immigration testing
  8. ancestry testing

Paternity testing is common in many DNA test labs across the region. They provide legally admissible paternity testing to be sure of family links in sensitive situations. This can allow people to claim for benefits or child support from absent fathers. Alternatively, it may help fathers to seek custody if denied by the mother, or to add a name to a birth certificate. It may also aid with inheritance issues.

Paternity testing

Immigration DNA testing is an important process for all those that struggle with immigration services. This could be those trying to gain legal entry to the US, those bringing family members in, or others having to prove nationality. The best DNA testing centers will offer legally-binding results for these situations. For example, proof of the relationship between an applicant and a child in another country.

Ancestry testing has grown in popularity in recent years. This is largely down to the accessibility of the test, as much as scientific developments. It is important for many people to know where they came from. They may have an idea of the last few generations, but not their place in the wider history of the area.

Most can trace their way back to one settler or another, but what is their country of origin. Some may hear stories of Native American blood, but which tribe? These tests answer those questions and reveal some surprises.

The rise of online testing services

There are two approaches for DNA testing in these areas. The first is to go to a clinic in the local area for a professional service with lab-based analysis. The other is to apply for a kit from an online provider, send off the sample and wait for the results.

Online services are one of the most popular approaches right now because of the convenience of the individual. They can carry out the sample in their own home, mail it off and wait for the results. The decreasing costs help too.

Some of the best online testing services are 23AndMe, AncestryDNA and FamilyTreeDNA. The former is perhaps the most famous, with widespread advertising and celebrity endorsements. Many individuals enjoy the simplicity and competitive pricing of this system.

AncestryDNA is a new service from the already popular genealogy site. Members can use the kit to add new depth to their family tree, via a company they already trust. FamilyTreeDNA has similar credentials. They also have an impressive database of information from member to support their results.

However, there are also times when these online services aren’t appropriate for DNA testing.

Online kits are perfect for the individual, laid-back approach. This is for those that want ancestry testing out of curiosity, more than anything else. Families often buy the kits as gifts to laugh at Viking heritage that doesn’t exist. This doesn’t work so well for professional and legal situations requiring admissible evidence.

Many will prefer to go into specialist DNA test labs in their area for a more secure, reliable approach. This is best for sensitive paternity and immigration situations. Therefore, those in Oregon, Washing and Northern California in this situation need a reliable facility.

DNA testing services in Washington state

Some state-wide DNA test labs cover most major cities across Washington. This means a well-known, experienced company that can handle all kinds of DNA issues. Paternity and immigration tests are always going to be an issue here. Then there are those that want to learn more about their heritage.

The ethnic diversity of Washington’s major cities has expanded in recent years. Many won’t know their full heritage. It was once reported that just 30% were English-Irish, while 10.4 were Scandinavian and 21% German. That still leaves just under 40% spread across a wide range of ethnicities.

ARC Point LABs:

(Source: ARCpoint Franchise Group)

ARC point Labs stands for Accurate, Reliable and Confidential. They provide services for those in need right across the state. Key sites of interest in the Washington area include Vancouver, Spokane, and Renton; They cover a range of different DNA tests depending on the need of the individual. This includes paternity testing, forensic testing, and ancestry testing.

The ancestry testing looks at either mitochondrial DNA or single nucleotide polymorphism testing. This mitochondrial test is great for DNA testing through the maternal lines. Ancestry is a little difficult on the maternal line because or surname changes and women marrying into other families. This helps to narrow down possibilities and open new doors. SNP testing is great for ethnicity is it offers more detailed genetic variations.

Any Lab Test Now:

Any Lab Test Now is another company spread across the state, with key sites in Tacoma and Seattle. As the name suggests, they cover a range of different medical test, but also have trained specialists for DNA. They focus on paternity testing.

The interesting difference here is that they do so via a range of samples. There is the option of non-standard specimens as well as standard. For example, bloodstain cards from medical examiners, or the toothbrush of a deceased relative.

There are also grandpaternity tests for a missing link in heritage in the more immediate family. Others may benefit from the siblingship tests for those that may have disputed full or half-siblings. There are also the typical mitochondrial and y-chromosome ancestry tests.

DNA testing in Oregon

The requirement and heritage-based questions are similar in Oregon. The state border does little to distinguish between the mix of ethnic groups in the Pacific Northwest or paternity disputes.

The origins of Oregon residents are similar to those of Washington residents. The percentages are a little different. 62% have English, Scots-Irish or Welsh heritage. 22.5% are Germanic in origin. 8.4% are Scandinavian. There is also the Native Indian link to consider, which is around 2.4%.

Once again, ARC Point and Any Lab Test Now are on hand to assist. They have DNA test labs in major cities including Portland and Eugene. There are some other options across the state.

Paternity Northwest:

Paternity Northwest operate across Oregon and a little of Southwest Washington. They are a great alternative for those in Portland or Salem. The main selling point for this company is their promise of speed. They claim to be the fastest in the industry – not just Oregon – for a legally-binding paternity result.

Paternity is the main focus here. There are also test for infidelity, kinship, immigration, inheritance, and ancestry. This was a recent move into ancestry because of growing popularity among residents.

Bio-med Testing Services:

Bio-med Testing Services is a less well-known name, with fewer locations. This Salem-based option has some great credentials. They are one of many DNA test labs to partner with Universal Forensics Company. This leads to a more accurate and dedicated approach to the testing. For example, the industry standard for DNA markers in evidence is 16, whereas Universal Forensics Company uses 24.

It is also important to note that there are two categories of DNA testing here. The first is court admissible, notarized evidence for paternity tests and relationship tests. The second is the nonadmissible non-notarized testing for private use. It is important to choose the right path depending on the reason for the test.

Quest Diagnostics:

Quest Diagnostics is a name that is well-known across the US for their range of high-end, professional lab services. They provide long-term partnerships with clients on a range of subjects. The most common is drug testing. They also provide DNA services too.

The Roseburg facility can help with a range of issues. Their approach is usually medical. This means DNA screenings for cancer genes, pre-natal screening, and other markers. Even so, they have also recently collaborated with AncestryDNA to help further heritage testing.

DNA testing in Northern California

When we head across the next state line into Northern California, the questions over heritage testing alter a little. For a long time, this area was ruled by the Spanish with Mexican influences. There were also Russian and Aleut migrants hunting there. The gold rush following the state’s acquisition led to an influx of new settlers.

European Americans, Italians, Chinese and Japanese travelers appeared. This means a vast melting pot of ethnicities. This makes for some interesting ancestry tests in the area. Then there is the usual need for paternity testing and other legal issues. Again, ARC Point is still present in key location along this Western coast. They include Sacramento and Pleasanton. Other DNA test labs include the following.

DNA and Drug Screening:

DNA and Drug Screening

DNA and Drug Screening in San Jose win the award for the least imaginative name in DNA test labs. They are still a convenient location for those in need of testing in the city. Drug testing is the priority with this company, but they still offer effect DNA solutions. One of the reasons that they are so highly recommendable is their link to Universal Forensics Company. This ensures that strong link to professional, experienced specialists.


EasyDNA US operate a series of tests from their location in Elk Grove. DNA testing is their number one priority, unlike those that work on a different lab test. This means a broad selection including relationship, health, ancestry and even animal testing. They promise speed and accuracy thanks to their top team and 21 test markers.

There are four different ancestral tests to choose from. They are the maternal test, paternal test, ancestral origins test and GPS origins test. The latter aims to pinpoint countries and islands of distant ancestors. A nice bonus with this company is their additional family tree database service.

C-DAT Testing Services:

C-DAT help clients in the San Francisco Bay area. They promise accurate, court admissible results from a convenient, affordable service. The interesting thing about this location is that they offer both in-house and at-home services. This means that individuals can head to a local facility, or use one of their kits at home.

These tests are available for paternity, relationship, infidelity, immigration and ancestry services. The center takes the time to handle all the referrals and details in each case. Individuals just have to provide the sample and wait for the results.

There are many options for those in need of reliable DNA testing services across the Pacific Northwest.

In the end, the choice between at-home kits and a visit to a facility depends upon the situation. Heritage testing is simple via online companies like 23andMe. Some people may prefer the professional feel of a facility. A local specialist is also the best option for advice on other tests, like paternity or immigration testing.

Whatever the need for the test, it is important that all individuals choose a method that is convenient, legal and reliable. Accurate, legally-binding results will go a long way to solving any legal disputes.

A speedy, affordable service softens the blow if the results aren’t quite what people hoped for. The services above are just some of the options available. Those in need of help should take the time to research online and local DNA test labs to find the best solution.

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