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Washington is a state located in the North West of the USA. It borders the coast of the Pacific Ocean to the west and Canada to the North. This state was named after the US first president, George Washington (1732-1799).

Its climatological conditions vary greatly all across the state; it is characterized by snow-capped cascaded mountaineers terrains to forested islands that constitute the Puget Sound islands.

The Puget Sound region runs along the North West coast of the Washington state. Washington is estimated to have a population of about 7 million people with 60-percent of the population living in the Seattle metropolitan area.


Types Of Medical And Health Services Available In Washington

Washington State has an elaborate department of health and social services whose mission is to transform human life through enforcing laws to safeguard its citizen’s health, safety and providing support. There are several types of medical and health services available in Washington. These ranges from individual health care, family care, health plans for small groups to people with special needs.

For instance, the Washington state department of social health and services (DSHS) provide cash assistance to the aged, disabled and the blind to the eligible low-income adults above the age of 65.  Emergency services are also available in this state; you can be guaranteed a quick response in case you are in an emergent situation and need help.

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