Oregon Ambulance And Health Services

The State of Oregon provides medical health and services under Oregon’s Department of Human Services. Its public health system constitutes federal, local and state agencies, private organizations as well as other diverse partners.

The provision of trusted, affordable and high-quality health services is always the ultimate goal of most health services providers in any community.  Oregon Public Health Division (OPHD) is the government agency mandated to provide health services to all Oregonians.

They all work together in an endeavor to protect, improve and promote the lives of all residents and communities residing within Oregon State. Oregonians need an active and passionate health system that can help them access better health services and medical care at an affordable cost.

Oregon is a coastal state located in the Northwest region of the USA and borders the Pacific Ocean.

Oregon - Metro West Services

OPHD provides several programs, policy developments, statistics, and other services to foster healthy communities and educate Oregonians on chronic disease prevention. There are several types of medical and health services provided in the region. These services include addiction and mental health, family health care, pediatrics, disease prevention and wellness, aging and chronic ailments and much more.

Most of these medical and health services can easily be accessed from the various health facilities located all across Oregon. Oregon health Authority works to reduce health disparities by ensuring the poor also get access to equal health services and hence broadening the State’s focus on disease prevention.

OPHD’s mission is to promote health and prevent leading causes of death, injury and diseases. Oregon is a west coast state of the U.S. in the Pacific Northwest and bordering Washington to the north. According to a 2019 census, Oregon has a population density of about 4.22 million people. Salem City is the third-largest city in the state’s capital city and has a population of about 173,442 people.