Nebraska – Ambulance And Health Services

Nebraska’s Department of Human Health and Services (DHHS) is the State’s arm of government that is responsible for ensuring Nebraskans access safe medical/health care services. DHHS’ motivation to make a difference in its citizen is in line with its mission to help people live better lives.

Nebraska is the Midwestern State of U.S and covers an area of 200, 000 km 2 with an estimated population density of almost 1.9 million people. The capital of Nebraska is Lincoln City although its largest city is Omaha. This State is home to quite some medical/health services spread all across this region.

The medical and health services provided by the various health facilities are licensed and regulated by Nebraska’s DHHS. There are many types of medical/health services available for Nebraskans depending on their needs.

Ambulance Services In Valley

There are centers for diseases control and prevention whose responsibilities are to ensure Nebraska’s citizens are protected from disease threats. There are community-based health services provided by the health department for people with disabilities.

These services help disabled people to meet their needs and enjoy life like any other normal human being. Child and family related health services are also available in this region which includes child adoption, care for neglected children, provision of adult family homes and much more.