Health Services Available In The Pacific CA Coastal Region

Pacific Bowers Ambulance Services

Pacific CA Coast – Health Services

Behavioral Health Service 

-available in the region, it aims at providing comprehensive reforms to individuals with substance use disorders and mental health issues. Based on your location, you are assigned a behavioral health organization where the necessary health service is provided to you.

Breast And Cervical Cancer Treatment

– this service provides the much-needed cancer diagnosis and treatment to eligible Pacific-Bower residents. It was also was given to the low-income earners in the community who are screened and diagnosed with the disease.

Dental Care

– California Department of health care services provides dental care services as part of the benefits of the Med-Cal program. Dental care involves teeth cleaning, fillings, extractions and root canal treatment.

Family Planning Access Care

– this is yet another health service that is provided within the Pacific Bower area. Family planning programs provide men and women-specific family planning related services and other supplies to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Children And Youth Health

– there are various programs tailored for taking care of the children and youth’s health. Some of the child health services involve close monitoring of children to ensure disabilities during growth are discovered early enough and prevented.

17th Street Testing And Care Clinic

This is a local health providing facility within the Pacific Bower area. Its health services include an std testing clinic and HIV testing and counseling. It provides diagnostic and treatment services to anyone requesting for such a service. No appointment is required as this is a free walk-in clinic. This facility was co-sponsored by The Orange County Health Care Agency.

The clinic can provide std test results online with the use of names to help safeguard a patient’s privacy and confidentiality. The test results are only presented with the visit identification number only.

ARCpoint Labs

ARCpoint Labs located in Sacramento, California provides drug testing services. In addition, they also offer background and wellness screening as well as programs meant for corporate wellness.

ARCpoint has been in the drug testing business for more than eighteen years.

Therefore, their services are proven, accurate and reliable. All ARCpoint technicians are well trained and certified professionals according to the federal requirements.

The Federal law stipulates specific guidelines concerning drug transportation and workplace drug testing.

Their clients include individuals and business organizations. Their comprehensive lab services are motivated by the need to reduce drug abuse as. Their services also help in empowering individuals to take control of their health through lab screening.


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