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Nebraska Health Services

Nebraska – Health Services

Health services in Nebraska are monitored under Nebraska’s Department of Human Health and services. Through this department, there are several health services and programs aimed at improving the health and well-being of Nebraskans.

The division of child and family services ensures the safety and welfare of children are guaranteed as well as providing services that protect the adults. It also helps the youth by empowering them economically through economic support programs.

Mental health services are provided to Nebraskan citizens with mental illness and those suffering from drug addiction. Nebraska’s Division of Behavioral Health services ensures that these vital services are available to the people, and this does not only cater for adults but children with mental health issues and drug addiction. The funding of such programs is from a variety of sources. It may be through the federal government or by the local counties.

On an event of an emergency, lives to depend on how we respond to situations in an organized manner. Nebraska has made huge strides in emergency preparedness and response. DHHS has worked hard to strengthen the state’s health system and to protect its citizens against any threats from preventable emergencies. The federal government provides finances to aid States through grand funds. This goes a long way in assisting with emergency responses.

Central Health Centre

Established in 1974, Central Health Centre is a local non-profit organization that provides essential reproductive health services. CHC provide high-quality reproductive health services in a confidential manner while offering education to their clients.

They also offer their services to their customers with dignity and respect. This clinic provides both HIV, and STD testing services with results designate with a short period. They adhere to a patient’s confidentiality, and therefore the resulting of your tests is provide to you privately.

Accredited Drug Testing Inc. (ADT)

ADT Nebraska is a drug testing facility that provides a broad range of drug and alcohol testing services to meet the specific needs of their clients. The company consists of experts team in drug screening, and therefore you can assure of receiving the best services every time. Its services in Nebraska include alcohol testing, drug testing as well as DNA testing.

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