Health Services Available In San Diego

San Diego – Health Services

San Diego – Health Services

San Diego has a broad range of Health And Human Services that promote community wellness and their health protection. The main aim of health service in San Diego is to prevent the spread of diseases, encourage cultivation of healthy behaviors, protect the environment from hazards, and ensure accessibility of health facilities around the County. The following is a list of some health services provided in San Diego.

Alcohol And Other Drug (AoD) ServicesAoD services in San Diego provide an integrated program designed to prevent the community from the use of alcohol and abuse of drugs.

Child Health And Disability Prevention – it is a service whose aim is to help to avoid and identify health issues that affect children. A child is provided with periodic health examination to ensure they will grow healthy.

HIV/ STD Counseling And Testing Services – the main objective of this service are to offer and improve health outcomes for individuals affected by HIV and STDs.

Chronic Diseases And Health Equity – San Diego has medical facilities to cater for patients with chronic ailments. This is to promote the wellness of individuals as well as preventing illness, disability, and premature deaths as a result of chronic diseases.

Progressive Health Services

This is a non-profitable organization which offers std testing services among a wide range of other health services. It was founded in 1985 with individually offering women health with a specialty in OB/GYN. However, in 1986 it started offering HIV testing and counseling to both males and females.

Progressive Health Services is a local STD testing center right at the heart of San Diego. Currently, they specialize in sexual and reproductive health, family planning and STD and HIV testing.

Accredited Drug Testing Inc. (ADT)

ADT is a local San Diego drug testing facility that offers drug testing, DNA testing, and alcohol testing for both companies and individuals. The clinic has several testing locations within the greater San Diego metropolitan area. That makes them be within walking distance of your home or office. And results can be received in a single day.

Scheduling a drug test is very easy, apart from calling you can schedule online. Once you have registered, you receive a donor pass through your E-mail. Then you can go to the testing center indicated on your registration form.

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