Health Services Available In Oregon

Health Services - Oregon

Oregon: Health Services

Oregon State has an extensive and explicit health provision that governs the dispensation of medical health and services to its citizens. This is by Oregon’s public health division whose mission is to promote the health. And prevent causes of deaths to its citizens.

Children’s and youth’s health is key to developing a healthy nation. Oregon Department of Health and services endeavors to ensure children are healthy and safe.

Neglected children or those without parents to care for them are taken to foster care. Where they are protected and not abuse. They can also be adopted by willing families to take care of them.

Sexual and reproductive health is one of the health services available in Oregon. That is critical to our overall health. Most health facilities provide education on reproductive health and hence nurturing your sexual relationships.

The state has a reproductive program that works with over 165 clinics within the State. To provide low-cost reproductive health to women, teens, and men. This program helps reduce unwanted pregnancies.

Laboratory services are provided by most established medical health facilities distributed all around the State. The Oregon State Public Health Laboratory (OSPHL) has the responsibility of providing testing that is of community importance.

Cascade Aids Project (CAP)

CAP is an HIV and std testing facility that has been in existence for more than three decades. Founded in 1983 and 1985 incorporated as the Cascade Aids Project. It is one of the oldest and largest health facilities in the Oregon area.

Apart from Aids testing and counseling, they also provide education on STDs and their prevention. The service is offered with high confidentiality to avoid exposing an individual against their will.

Credit:  CascadeAIDSProject

Bio-Med Testing Services

Bio-Med is a drug testing company in Oregon State. That provides drug test ranging from the most commonly abused to all other testable drugs. It also offers alcohol testing services utilizing the finest testing equipment available.

In fact, Bio-Med is the authorized dealers of Lifeloc Technologies breather analyzing equipment. It also provides training programs for companies, for example, occupational health service program.

Any Lab Test Now

Established in 1992, Any Lab Search Now is a direct Lab Testing Services Company that provides STD testing among other health services. Their std testing services are carried out in a discreet manner and a comfortable environment. This will save you the uncomfortable situations you can find yourself in whenever you have the thought of knowing you need to get tested. Their services are very convenient as there are no appointments necessary and their operation includes Saturdays in most locations. Most test results are availed within 24-72 hours.


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