Listing of Health Services Available In Colorado

Health First Colorado covers the entire state

Your health is essential, and you should always seek medical attention when you are not feeling well. Regular check-ups are also good for your health even if you are not sick during a specific period. There are different providers of health services in Colorado.

Every person has a right to healthcare in Colorado regardless of their socioeconomic status. Some people belong to minority groups and are poor but are entitled to benefits and healthcare. For example, less privileged people have access to Medicaid, free health insurance for poor people who cannot afford various medical services.

Medicaid is also known as Health First Colorado, and it consists of a network of providers to ensure that people can get care in a coordinated way. This local organization covers Arapahoe, Denver, Adams, Douglas, and Elbert counties. As such, you can access healthcare from different places if you are a member of Health First Colorado.

How To Become A Member Of Health First Colorado?

Health First Colorado aims to ensure that all people who belong to the minority, as well as poor socioeconomic groups, have access to healthcare. Even the most miserable people including the homeless are eligible for the free healthcare program.

To register to become a member of Health First Colorado, you must belong to a low-income group. People who belong to this category include the homeless, pensioners as well as children below 20 years. Each member should provide a valid identity document or license when registering for this free healthcare program.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s official state web portal provides details about healthcare services available. The facilities are listed under different categories, and interested people can easily choose the one they need. There is also a member handbook that provides information about the program.

Primary Care Providers

When you join Health First Colorado, you are assigned a primary care provider (PCP) or a doctor. The PCP is responsible for assisting you with all physical health needs that do not constitute an emergency. It is also vital that you try to build a strong relationship with your PCP so that you can get the best care possible.

Health First Colorado also supports a network of providers to ensure that everyone gets health care. Apart from primary care, you can even get behavioral care as well as other coordination services if you work with many providers.

You should know that the emergency department only attends to emergencies so you should call your PCP if you have a medical issue. Alternatively, you can call Health First Colorado Nurse Advice at 800-283-3221 for medical information, and the nurses are available 24/7.

Various healthcare providers accept Medicaid patients. You can get physical, mental and behavioral health care from Health First Colorado. Some of the services you can get are listed below.

Behavioral Health

There are various behavioral benefits that you can get from Health First Colorado, and they include the following:

  • Alcohol and drug screening and counseling
    • Behavioral health screening
    • Case assessment and management
    • Detoxification
    • Emergency services
    • Hospitalization
    • Outpatient services
    • Safety assessment and management
    • School-based mental health services

You should also remember that you need to get authorization first before you access some of these benefits.

colorado man having Health First Colorado

Physical Health

Health First Colorado offers benefits that include any care that your body requires. The services include preventive measures, but you need not worry if you are not sure of the exact service you need. The organization has care coordinators that can help you and they work with you to get the care that you deserve. The coordinators can also facilitate a link to the right service.

The following are some of the physical health benefits that you can get from Health First Colorado.

  • Allergy tests and shots
    • Ambulance services
    • Audiology and radiology
    • Hospice
    • Emergency room visits
    • Family planning counseling services
    • Home visits and home therapies
    • Doctor and specialist visits
    • Surgical and urgent care
    • Lab work
    • Medical equipment, like wheelchairs or oxygen
    • Outpatient hospital services
    • Physical, speech and occupational therapy
    • Women’s health services

Members Below 20

Health First Colorado that is also a version of the Medicaid Program also offers special health care services to people who are 20 or younger. There are different types of care you can get that include mental health, specialty, dental, developmental as well as preventive care. The services that you can get include the following:

  • Wellness visits
  • Developmental evaluations
  • Behavioral therapies and evaluations
  • Shots
  • Lab tests
  • Health and preventive education
  • Vision, dental and hearing services

Each state has a responsibility to look after its people, and it also must provide them with health care services. However, these programs differ from state to state, and you should know that you may need to register with a new provider when you move out of Colorado.

In Colorado, the following are some of the places where you can get Health First Colorado services. There are also many more service providers that you can get if you visit the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s official.

Broadfoot, Danielle
Danielle is a Nurse Practitioner and she also offers family services and her physical address is 2810 Quebec St, Denver, CO 80207 and phone number is 615-425-4200. She is currently accepting new patients, but you should check before visiting.

Knight, Kellee
Knight is an Occupational Therapist, and her address is 5446 North Academy Blvd, Suite 204, Colorado Springs, CO 80918. The contact number is 719-598-7742, and she is currently accepting new patients. Languages include English, and the service provider is ADA compliant.

Aimes, Jenna
She is an Occupational Therapist s, and her address is as follows: 8540 Scarborough Drive, Suite 300 Colorado Springs, CO 80920 and phone is 719-597-0822. The service provider is currently accepting new patients and the language to use is English.

Colorado Coalition For The Home

The service provider is a Federally Qualified Health Center, and it is ADA compliant. Its physical address is 5050 W Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80204 and phone is 303-312-9605. You can also visit this Website for more details. The center is currently accepting new patients, and its other network is Denver Health Medicaid Choice.



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