Ambulance Services Available In San Diego

Ambulance Services- San Diego

Ambulance Services: San Diego

When faced with life-threatening situations, people usually need medical health as quickly as possible. San Diego city is home to some various ambulance companies who are always on standby to respond to any emergency situations promptly. Also referred to as Emergency Medical Services (EMS), ambulance services in San Diego can provide first aid services to accident victims both on site as well as on their way to a hospital emergency room.

There are several types of ambulance services provided by most of the existing San Diego’s ambulance companies. These services may include any of the three categories, basic life support (BLS), advanced life support (ALS) and critical care transport (CCT).

BLS refers a level of Medicare which is provided to accident victims or victims with life-threatening illnesses. Until they are fully provided with medical care in a hospital. It is needed that BLS be provided by a qualified medical personal with prior training on how to handle emergency situations. No drugs are administered but rather the BLS ambulance designed for those who are not in dire need of sophisticated treatment.

ALS level of emergency medical care involves the use of ambulances in San Diego. That provide transport and emergency Medicare to patients who need a higher level of care. An example of Patients who require this kind of Medicare includes those on a cardiac monitor, airway compromise or those deemed to have complications during evacuation to a medical facility.

CCT is also another ambulance services that provide by most ambulance companies in San Diego area. They are suited to facilitate the transportation of patients who require advanced Medicare. Due to their critical nature of their conditions. Usually, it involves the use of the state-of-the-art ambulances which are equipped with advanced technology life support equipment.

The Following Is A List Of Reputable Ambulance Service Providers In San Diego That Have The 911 Contracts.

1. American Medical Response (AMR)

AMR is a provider of 911 exceptional emergency services in most of San Diego County. They also offer BLS, CCT and wheelchair services around San Diego region. Its annual emergency response cases are about 60,000 and pride itself of approximately 300 certified paramedics.

2. Rural /Metro ambulance

In San Diego, it is a division of Rural/Metro Ambulance providers. It is among the largest 911 both paramedics and non-emergency ambulance service providers that serve San Diego area. Their ambulance services are exceptionally of high standards, and they have about 80 ambulances with more than 550 professional employees.

3. AmeriCare Ambulance

AmeriCare Ambulance authorized ambulance company whose regional headquarters is in San Diego. Apart from providing continuing education programs, they also operate BLS services all through San Diego County. Fire response emergencies are some of its services it provides as well as 911 transport services.

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