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Ambulance Services

The Pacific Bowers is home to several ambulance companies who are always on standby ready for quick response to any emergency situations. Some own by the respective local county governments while others are under privately hold ambulance service companies.

The objective of any ambulance service provider is to preserve and prevent any loss of life in the event of an accident or new situations.  The following are some of the types of ambulance services provided by ambulance companies in Pacific-coastal CA.

Most reputable ambulance service providers in pacific-bowers have the 911 emergency services contract. This is a public’s lifeline for requesting emergency services for fire, police, and medical situations.

In the case of fires, most ambulance companies around Pacific CA area provide Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and evacuation of fire victims. Also, they offer fire services tailored to suit their customer needs. These include fire prevention, suppression, and inspection services.

There comes a time when a patient moves from one medical facility to another to receive certain medication. Most ambulance service providers have inter-facility transfer services for moving patients. This service covers emergency and non-emergency ambulance service.

Most established ambulance companies in the Pacific CA coastal region provide a diverse spectrum of ambulance options depending on the conditions of the patient. The three main categories available depending on the specific medical needs include basic life support (BLS), Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Critical Care Transportation (CCT).

List Of Ambulance Service Providers In the Pacific CA Coastal Region

1. Pacific Ambulance And Bowers Companies Inc. (Rural/Metro Corporation)

Pacific Ambulance is a privately held ambulance service provider that found in 2000 in Orange County. This was in was necessitated by the need for a high quality, personalized ambulance services within the region. In 2004, it expanded by extending their much-needed services go into San Diego County.

Bowers Ambulance established in 1938 was the first private ambulance company to be licensed and provide services in the city of Los Angeles. However, both Pacific and Bowers ambulance companies acquired in 2011 by Rural/Metro Corporation. Rural/Metro is considered a national leader in the provision of ambulance and fire protection services all over the USA.

2. Rural Metro West

Rural Metro West is a division of Rural Metro Corporation whose responsibility is to provide ambulance services in the western side of USA. Currently, its operations include the provision of private 911 emergency ambulance services. It also provides inter-facility ambulance transportation and fire protection services in six western states of US. These States include Colorado, Nebraska, California, Washington, Oregon, and South Dakota. It prides itself off over 1,800 west zone employees who are always on standby to provide emergency and ambulance services all around the clock.

3. Americare Ambulance

AmeriCare provides ambulance services to all levels of emergency cases including mass casualty and major incidents. It works under the Annex program that depends on San Diego. Other similar programs within Orange and Los Angeles counties. They provide 911 emergency services and handle BLS and ALS transport services.

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