Ambulance Services Available In Northern California

Ambulance Services - Northern California

Types Of  Ambulance Services Provided

Most ambulance service companies around Northern California area offer a broad range of services to its residents. The following are some of the services available:

9-1-1 emergency services enable people to request emergency services. It can be able to receive an immediate response from the Federal Police, Fire departments and medical services. By just making a telephone call. All calls made to 9-1-1 are answered by professional universal call takers. Whereby they dispatch the appropriate emergency response service depending on the nature of your emergency.

Special Event Standby Services

These services are provided by most ambulance service providers to cater for any medical requirement and safety of patrons attending an event. The ambulances are equipped to provide both Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Level (ALS) Services.

BLS is ambulances designed for inter-facility transportation of a patient or pre-hospital response to an accident victim or an ill person. ALS is a higher level ambulance facility with a minimum of one paramedic. This service is capable of administering certain medications since they have more advanced equipment on board.

Wheelchair Services

This is reliable transportation provided by Northern California for physically challenged or senior citizens. The vans as designed to accommodate patients on wheelchairs and ensuring that they are safe and comfortable. Besides, they can have an extra room to allow a patient to ride along with a family member when desired.

Critical Care Transport

This service is to cater to specialized transportation needs. When you have to transport a patient who is critically injured or ill. This service has registered nurse units who are always on standby to respond to such an emergency. And ensure safe and expedient transportation.

A List Of Companies Providing Ambulance Services In Northern California

Westmed Ambulance Service

Westmed Ambulance service is an ambulance company with its headquarters in San Leandro, Northern California. It was founded in 1995, and right now its operations cover the entire San Francisco Bay Area. It offers over 300 ambulance transportation services to various medical facilities across the Northern California region.

In their quest to deliver the greatest clinical care to the injured and the ill. Westmead provides a broad range of ambulance services. Some of these services include ALS, BLS, wheelchair services and critical care transport.


It is a national company that is considered the leader in the provision of private ambulance and fire protection services all across the US. Having been in service for over 60 years, it is probably one of the oldest ambulance companies in the region.

It has a broad range of emergency response services which include community fire protection, specialty fire protection, inter-facility ambulance, special event ambulance as well as personal emergency systems.

Norcal Ambulance

It is an ambulance company with a seasoned management team who operate with veteran experience. It is a premier leader for all types of medical transportation in northern California who can give you solutions to your medical transportation.

Norcal ambulance provides BLS, ALS, wheelchair transport, critical care transport, and stretcher transport services.

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