EMS Services

EMS Services Are Desperately Needed In Rural Colorado

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Denver Post reported that residents in remote areas of Colorado can’t always be sure that EMS services will arrive when they call. People in rural Moffat County often find their way into a hospital in an emergency, relying on emergency medical service (EMS) workers to pick up extra shifts. Because of the low reimbursement rates for Medicare and Medicaid patients, funding for EMS is very low. There’s also not enough staff to cover the costs.… Continue Reading.......

Get Vaccinated in California

When, Where, and Who Can Get Vaccinated in California

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Who Can Get Vaccination Now?

The big question today, who can get vaccinated in California? People age 16 years and older; essential workers in agriculture and food, emergency services, education, and childcare.

People 16 and older who have developmental inabilities or specific medical conditions which put them at risk of severe illness from COVID-19 residents and staff of nursing homes and supported living facilities; healthcare workers.… Continue Reading.......

Ambulances Decontaminated

How Are Ambulances Decontaminated During Covid-19?

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The importance of ambulances being decontaminated is critical in pandemics. The COVID-19 pandemic has stressed “gaps” in EMS protocols, particularly regarding disinfecting the ambulance. Less than 50% of respondents in a 2018 EMS1 poll said the patient care section was decontaminated after each call or transport. In the middle of this coronavirus pandemic, it is essential to disinfect each time thoroughly.

From November 10, 2020, more than 10,430,000 million people in the U.S. had tested positive for the virus, and over 245,000 — including EMS providers and other first responders — had died from the illness. With an approximate reproductive number (R0) of 2.5, which means each infected individual is very likely to infect two or three more without … Continue Reading.......


California Is Preparing to Meet Covid-19 Healthcare Needs

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The spread of Covid-19 has disturbed life across the Golden State or California. On March 19, Governor Gavin Newsom passed an order that all individuals residing in California were to stay at home except for required activities like purchasing groceries or getting necessary healthcare. Schools, non-essential firms, like gyms and entertainment venues, and parking lots in state parks and beaches were closed.

While preparing for the COVID-19 pandemic, the healthcare industry, on the other hand, continues to serve patients. Health experts predict that the surge of California has not come yet.

The MD of the San Francisco Department of Public Health, Grant Colfax, said he thinks in a week or two to see a vast number of coronavirus patients that … Continue Reading.......

Ambulance In Denver

Who You Gonna Call For An Ambulance In Denver?

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Action Care Ambulance, Inc.


Action Care Ambulance, Inc. provides emergency and non-emergency healthcare and transport services to the Rocky Mountain area. Providing state of the art care, in addition to supporting the area’s hospitals and medical facilities, Action Care Ambulance continues to evolve to meet the needs of Rocky Mountain Regions and the Denver Metro.

Exceptional transport service and patient care are what Action Care Ambulance provides. They understand patient care continues beyond the medical assessment and treatment that is offered on-scene.  That care begins the moment a call is received in their Communications Center.

They pride themselves on their ability to match their solutions with their patient’s needs by supplying Specialty Care, Interfacility, and Emergency 9-1-1 Transportation … Continue Reading.......

Think about starting a medical career

US West Coast Needs Health Care Providers And Support Staff

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Think About Starting A Medical Career

The USA is home to over 300 million people, and more than half of us are centered around major population centers. Some of the biggest population centers are in Washington, California, and elsewhere across the west coast.  For such a large group of individuals, including more than one major city with a population in the millions, healthcare is a significant concern.

We have returning soldiers, an aging generation of baby boomers, increasing rates of cardiovascular disease and cancer, and several other elements serving to push healthcare to the top of everybody’s mind.  Not just do we have the knowledge of medicine, but do we have the labor force to handle this large size … Continue Reading.......

ambulance jobs require certification

Learn How To Get Ambulance Jobs And Join The Team

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Which Job Is Right For You?

Ambulance drivers generally work for hospitals and private ambulance companies transporting ill, injured, and non-ambulatory patients. Drivers help with unloading and loading patients from the vehicle and could be asked to administer first aid. Between patient transfers, ambulance drivers may help with responsibilities at the medical facility that they are assigned.

Ambulance drivers must be able to navigate roads safely and quickly, without endangering the patient being transported or the public. Drivers must be sure that the vehicle is adequately maintained, fueled, cleaned, and always stocked with medical supplies.

They should have good physical stamina and may need to lift patients daily. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics proclaimed a median yearly salary for … Continue Reading.......

Health First Colorado covers the entire state

Listing of Health Services Available In Colorado

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Your health is essential, and you should always seek medical attention when you are not feeling well. Regular check-ups are also good for your health even if you are not sick during a specific period. There are different providers of health services in Colorado.

Every person has a right to healthcare in Colorado regardless of their socioeconomic status. Some people belong to minority groups and are poor but are entitled to benefits and healthcare. For example, less privileged people have access to Medicaid, free health insurance for poor people who cannot afford various medical services.

Medicaid is also known as Health First Colorado, and it consists of a network of providers to ensure that people can get care … Continue Reading.......

911 call dispatcher for emergency

What Happens Behind The Scenes When You Call 911

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Nobody likes to consider the worst and imagine a time where they might need to call 911 for an emergency ambulance service. We prefer to think of ambulance crews as rescuers in the absolute worse case scenarios of life or death. In other words, people ignore the possibility that they may one day need the service themselves.

Ambulances aren’t just for the critically ill or major accidents. Ambulances are useful for other situations affecting health or injury that may require hospitalization. This frequency of use is why it is so important that everyone understands the 9-1-1 service a little better.

The following guide takes readers through the journey of making the call 911 and interactions with the ambulance service. The … Continue Reading.......

DNA Test Services

DNA Testing Services In The Pacific Northwest

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DNA testing services have come a long way in recent years. It was once associated with little more than paternity testing in medical facilities and forensics. Today, consumers can requests DNA tests for a wide range of services –  for health reasons, matchmaking or love match, or tracing your ancestry.

Scientific advancements allow users to look deeper into their genetic makeup and heritage. There are more DNA markers, and a great understand of the genome, which means diverse and accurate testing. There are many professional DNA test labs ready to help consumers and the ‘Big 3’ ancestry DNA tests you can buy online. Consumers in the Pacific Northwest and Northern California have great choices for helpful, reliable testing.… Continue Reading.......

Nebraska Ambulance Servies

Types Of Ambulance Services In Nebraska

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Nebraska – Best Ambulance Services

Nebraska State prides itself with an elaborate Emergency medical services program whose mission is to strengthen the State’s Emergency care through cooperative partnerships with other partners. This helps promote the well-being of the citizens of Nebraska.

Most ambulance services companies provide this care through one of these two licenses. Advanced life support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BSL) within which a service provider may either offer a transporting or a non-transporting service.… Continue Reading.......

Nebraska Health Services

Health Services Available In Nebraska

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Nebraska – Health Services

Health services in Nebraska are monitored under Nebraska’s Department of Human Health and services. Through this department, there are several health services and programs aimed at improving the health and well-being of Nebraskans.

The division of child and family services ensures the safety and welfare of children are guaranteed as well as providing services that protect the adults. It also helps the youth by empowering them economically through economic support programs.

Mental health services are provided to Nebraskan citizens with mental illness and those suffering from drug addiction. Nebraska’s Division of Behavioral Health services ensures that these vital services are available to the people, and this does not only cater for adults but children with mental … Continue Reading.......

Health Services - Oregon

Health Services Available In Oregon

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Oregon: Health Services

Oregon State has an extensive and explicit health provision that governs the dispensation of medical health and services to its citizens. This is by Oregon’s public health division whose mission is to promote the health. And prevent causes of deaths to its citizens.

Children’s and youth’s health is key to developing a healthy nation. Oregon Department of Health and services endeavors to ensure children are healthy and safe.

Neglected children or those without parents to care for them are taken to foster care. Where they are protected and not abuse. They can also be adopted by willing families to take care of them.

Sexual and reproductive health is one of the health services available in Oregon. That … Continue Reading.......

Washington Ambulance Services

Washington – Ambulance Services

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Ambulance Services In Washington State Area

Ambulance services in Washington are regulated by the Washington State Department of health and require any company in the industry to be licensed. Several ambulance operators offer emergency medical services (EMS) around the Washington area.

The local government is among the providers of ambulance services. For instance, the Seattle fire department provides EMS alongside responding to fire-related emergencies. With over 30 fire stations located in various locations throughout the city, their presence is felt in almost every neighborhood. They are well equipped to provide emergency and medical services possible to the citizens.… Continue Reading.......

Ambulance Service- Medix

Types Of Ambulance Services Provided By Ambulance Companies In Oregon

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Oregon Ambulance Services

In any community, ambulance services and paramedics are vital as they help save people’s lives. Oregon State is home to several ambulance businesses that provide different types of ambulance services to Oregonians. Specialty Care Transport (SCT) is an ambulance service designed to provide medical care and transportation for a critically ill or injured patient. This service offers emergency transportation to a specified facility usually from a low-level hospital to a more high level and advanced Medicare facility.

Several ambulance companies exist within the State of Oregon to provide a range of ambulance services to its residents. Most of them offer both Basic Life support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) emergency ambulance services. BLS and ALS … Continue Reading.......

Northern California Health Services

Health Services Available In Northern California

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Northern California – Health Services

There are various health services in Northern California best accommodate to meet the health needs of its citizens. Some of these health services are as follows:

Women Health

Most Northern California health facilities provide medical services concerning women health. They offer women in the region a place to visit and have all their health needs met. Services such as gynecology, prenatal and postnatal, mammograms services are available.

Family Planning

The family is the basic unit of any community. Therefore, people of child-bearing age should allow with medical knowledge about family planning comprehensively. There are various facilities in Northern California that provide these services.

The purpose of family planning is to provide both men and women. … Continue Reading.......